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One of my favourite characters is Josephine MacDonald, or Josie Mac.

Most people who do recognise her know her from Gotham Central, but she first appeared in Detective Comics 763, in the first of two backup stories featuring her.

she loved making a differenceCollapse )

This backup continues through 772. Josie faces lethal danger, staggering loss, impenetrable politics, and a team up with Batman. We see her struggle and waver and doubt herself, but in the end, her courage and determination shine through.


Mod Contact

Posted by shobogan on 2013.06.16 at 07:34
Leave any comments, questions or concerns here!


Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by shobogan on 2013.06.12 at 16:25
1. Can I post het?

Definitely! The only requirement is the woman must be the focus.

2. What about trans* characters?

Any character who identifies as a woman all or part of the time is welcome.

3. Rule 63?


4. What if it's canon (ie Natasha Stark)?


5. Are recs allowed?

Yes. Just tag your post with "rec" and the appropriate type of fanwork.

6. Can I post about television series or other media that have been adapted into comics?

Yes, as long as you focus on the comics in the post.



Posted by shobogan on 2013.06.12 at 16:23
Current Tags

Any purely discussion post falls falls under this tag.

Any post with scans falls under this tag.

Recs of any fanwork go under this tag.

fanwork: type
ie fanwork: fanfiction, fanwork: fanvids

medium: type of medium
ie. medium: comics, medium: film, medium: ani

character: first name, last name
ie. character: barbara gordon, character: jean grey

Only female characters get tags.

code name: current code name, if any
ie code name: oracle or batgirl, code name: marvel girl or phoenix

company: name of company
ie company: dc, company: marvel

series: name of series
ie series: gotham central, series: uncanny x-men

If it's a oneshot, tag with "oneshot: name".

This also applies to television and movie series.

universe: name of universe.
This tag is optional. If you like, you can tag your scans with which exact continuity they come from.

ie. universe: earth-616, universe: new earth, universe: prime earth

The official MCU continuity is 199999. The X-Men movies are 10005.

The DCAU is Earth-12.



Posted by shobogan on 2013.06.12 at 16:02
1. DON'T BE AN ASS. Feel free to argue with each other, but refrain from personal insults and name-calling. We're all here to have fun and we all love the same thing. If things are getting too heated, walk away. If you feel another member crossed a line, inform a mod.

2. NO BASHING. Criticizing characters is fine. Plain not liking characters is fine. Calling them bitches who should get tortured to death is not fine.

3. DO NOT USE SLURS. Come on, people, you are not edgy tweens. Respect your fellow members and avoid bigoted language. Which leads us to...

4. DO NOT BE A BIGOT. In general. I know there can be gray areas here, and I know some things can be subjective. Please err on the side of not hurting people.

5. WARN. Common triggers such as abuse, rape, and self-harm must be warned for. If you're unsure, contact a moderator. If someone asks you to warn, please do so without fuss.

6. FOCUS ON WOMEN. Women must be the focus of your post or fanwork. Including other genders is fine, but at least one female character must take center stage.